How does the system work in case of a beak-in

If there is an attempted break-in, the TAG sensor on the attacked entrance or protected object detects motion, an impact, or a vibration and immediately communicates with the main unit to give the alert.

  • The indoor siren and any siren relays and outdoor sirens immediately sound to deter the criminal.
  • You will be sent a text message, voice alert, and/or email immediately (up to four recipients), notifying you which sensor detected the intrusion attempt.
  • If you are connected to one or more Somfy Protect IP cameras, they immediately save the images. You can access those images remotely from any fixed or mobile Internet access point. (You can access live images at any time and download the recording.)

The functionality is the same on both the motion sensor and the detection feature using an image analysis from the IP cameras.

You can configure all of this, sensor by sensor and alert type by alert type.

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