How do I configure a TAG sensor?

The TAG is a patented intrusion sensor. It detects openings by forced entry, as well as impacts and vibrations typical of an intrusion for detection prior to intrusion. It can therefore trigger the siren even before the intruder has finished forcing the door.

Settings screen:

General settings

  • Device name: Provide a name for the device to find it more easily.
  • Motion sensitivity: The detection sensitivity setting lets you adjust how the sensor works based on the type of protected opening. The higher the value (maximum of 9), the more sensitive the sensor is to an attack.

Custom parameters

  • Will warn on detections: Indicate whether the device should transmit alerts and/or trigger sirens in case of an intrusion detection, set for each protection mode separately (disarmed, partial, total).
  • Alarm tone selection: The beeping before a siren indicate a prewarning, allowing you time (12s, 30s, or 60s) to disarm the system, such as by entering a code on the keypad.
  • Alerts sent after X seconds: Select how much time you need to deactivate the protection before receiving an alert.
  • Send mode: Customize the alert type by sensor (email, text message, or voice alert). Alerts will be sent to the recipients identified in "My alerts".

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