Description of the dashboard

When you connect to your system through a web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) on a PC or Mac, you immediately reach the dashboard after logging in.


The dashboard has three sections:

  • The top banner: This shows your system status (click the small wheel to show the system diagnostic), your account, and a link to logout
  • The left side menu: This lets you browse the various pages in the interface
  • The middle area: This is where you can control your system, such as activating/deactivating the system, displaying cameras, launching scenarios, activating equipment, and viewing the history

My system
In this section, you can create and manage your system:

  • add/remove equipment
  • configure equipment
  • view information on compatible equipment

My scenarios
The scenarios section offers two functionalities:

  • Creating accessory groups, which can later be used in scenarios
  • Creating four scenario types: On demand, Periodic, Event-driven, or Simulated presence

My alerts
This section lists all of the alert types, how they were sent (by email, text message, or voice message), and the system users to whom they were sent.

My services
You receive many services included with your system, at no added cost and with no need for an additional subscription.
You can also add extra features to your system from here by purchasing new services either individually or in the form of an annual subscription.

My applications
Myfox are controlled from mobile apps you can download for free. This section contains links where you can download them.

My account
View and update your account information (contact information).

My sites
View and navigate between sites if you have more than one.

Reach customer service and find information on recent updates.

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