What products are compatible with Somfy Protect?

Somfy Protect products

Somfy Protect includes three product ranges and accessories that together form a complete, connected security installation:

- Somfy One and One+

- Somfy Home Alarm

- Somfy Security Camera



These three ranges can operate independently or together in the same installation.


You can add various accessories to the Home Alarm and Somfy One / One+:

- Outdoor siren

- Indoor siren

- Key fob

- Impact and vibration detector (IntelliTAG)

- Motion sensor

- Radio relay


The Link (Home Alarm) and Somfy One / One+ act as the "brain" at the centre of the solution. You connect the Link or Somfy One / One+ to your wireless network, then add any other accessories that communicate with these central systems over the Somfy Protect 868 MHz radio.


The Security Camera is not a central system; it communicates through your residential gateway over wireless but doesn't communicate over radio. It does, however, communicate with your other components through the Somfy Protect cloud to form a complete, connected security installation.


Smart Home Somfy Protect


Somfy Protect is open to the connected home and has integration options to make your home as intelligent as possible. 


You can find different integration options to configure either in your Somfy Protect app (Menu > Settings > Smart Home section at the bottom of the screen) or through the partner interface. 


Amazon Alexa




Somfy Protect is compatible with Amazon Alexa. You can use it to control your installation by voice. 


Read the "How to control your Somfy Protect system using Amazon Alexa” article for further information.


Somfy TaHoma




Somfy Protect now works with the Somfy universe through the TaHoma box. Connect your alarm to your window closures, lighting or heating. Simply connect your Somfy Protect account through the TaHoma web interface. 


Read the “How to use your Somfy Protect components with TaHoma” article for further information.


Note: The Somfy Protect range does not communicate through io-homecontrol® and RTS. You cannot therefore add detectors using these protocols without first passing through your TaHoma box. 


Read the “Technologies, compatibilities, and the list of TaHoma-compatible products” article for further information.

Going even further


Somfy Protect allows you to use other intelligent services to provide a high level of service in terms of the interoperability of your connected objects.


IFTTT (If This Then That)


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This app allows you to connect your Somfy Protect components to your other connected objects to carry out actions. 


For example, you could connect your Philips Hue lighting to your Somfy Protect component to turn on your lights when you deactivate the alarm.


Visit IFTTT to connect your Somfy Protect account: https://ifttt.com/somfy_protect

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