How does Somfy Around™ work?

What’s Somfy Around™?
The Somfy Around™ community network ensures the encrypted and anonymous transmission of your alerts in case of WIFI network failure. This free service is available if one of your neighbors is also equipped with a Somfy Home Alarm or a Somfy One+ (Somfy One are not compatible) and has activated this service.

How does Somfy Around™ work?
In case of an unavailable WIFI connection, Somfy Home Alarm or Somfy One+ sends alerts through the Somfy Around™ network. Encrypted alerts (AES 256) are emitted through a revolutionary long-range radio technology (LPWA).
A Somfy Home Alarm or Somfy One+ neighbor receives an anonymous Somfy Around™ message and transmits it to the Somfy Cloud so that the alert can reach its recipient. By activating this free service, you strengthen your security as well as the security of Somf Protect community users.

What type of alerts are relayed by Somfy Around™ ?
When a Somfy Home Alarm or a Somfy One+ system loses its Internet connection and only functions through Somfy Around™, only critical alerts are relayed. Here’s the list:

- IntelliTAG - vibrations detection
- IntelliTAG - opening detection
- Detection of attempt at interference
- SOS - silent alert
- SOS - alert with siren
- Autoprotection - IntelliTAG
- Autoprotection - siren
- Link - battery-operated
- Link - power restored
- Link - connection lost
- Link - connection restored

How can I activate this service ?
1. On your Somfy Protect App, go to menu, then press on “Settings”, then “Somfy Around™”

2. You can activate or deactivate Somfy Around™ in the following screen.

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