How can I check that my Somfy One / One+ is operating properly ?

In the mobile application, the "System status" setting lets you check whether your system is operating properly according to the following criteria:

- Battery level of components

- Quality of Radio signal between the Somfy One / One+ and its devices

- Quality of Wi-Fi signal between:

- the Somfy One / One+ and the customer's residential gateway

- the Security Camera and the customer's residential gateway


Component status:

- connected to the Somfy One / One+

- disconnected

- plugged in/unplugged

This feature allows you to resolve problems with your system's components by way of guidance and advice, without having to contact technical support.

The "System status" is only available in the app for the Somfy One / One+, Home Alarm and Security Camera.



From the app's dashboard, you are told which components need your attention.

1. Press on this banner, or go to the Settings menu, then My components

Select "system status"

3. A faulty component is indicated with an exclamation point. Press on it for guidance in resolving a problem

4. When everything is operating properly, you can still launch a diagnostic at any time from the "System status" screen by pressing the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.


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