Installing the Somfy One on Android

If you want to install a Somfy One / One+ using an Android device, here are the steps to follow.



1. Plug the Somfy One / One+, using the cable provided, into the dedicated location in the rear of the device and into the electrical outlet.

The shutter will open and the lower LED light will flash white.

  • If the Somfy One / One+ shutter does not open or the LED light does not flash, check to be sure that the power cable in the rear of the device is properly plugged into the electrical outlet. Also check to be sure that your outlet is receiving power.

  • If the Somfy One / One+ shutter opened and a steady LED light came on, you need to reboot the Somfy One / One+ using the reboot pin provided. Insert the reboot pin into the designated opening and hold it depressed for 10 seconds until you hear a beep, then release. Click on restart.


2. Your Wi-Fi network appears and you have to enter your password to connect the Somfy One / One+ to this network.

Click on Next


3. The application will generate a QR code that you have to present to Somfy One / One+: move your smartphone back and forth a few times, with the screen facing the Somfy One / One+.

The Somfy One / One+ should emit a beep, meaning that it read the information contained in the QR code.

Click on Next

  • If your Somfy One / One+ does not emit a beep, the QR code was not recognized. Try the following adjustments:
    - Check that your Wi-Fi connection password is correct
    - Be sure that you are not outside the range of your wireless access point
    - Clean the lens of your Somfy One / One+ with a soft, non-abrasive cloth
    - Slightly reduce the brightness level of your smartphone’s backlight
    - Be sure that it is not exposed to the sun or to too much brightness
  • If you still aren’t managing to scan the QR code, do a screen capture and send yourself the image so that you can read it from a computer or tablet screen, or print the QR code and try again.
  • You will need to restart the installation
    Reboot your Somfy One / One+ using the reboot pin provided. Insert the reboot pin in the designated location and hold it depressed for ten seconds until you hear a beep, then release.
    Click on restart


4. Once the QR code is recognized by the Somfy One / One+, the latter will connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Don’t unplug it, don’t move away and keep your smartphone within range of your Somfy One / One+.


5. Your Somfy One / One+ is now installed. You can now give it a name.

Click on next to access Live.


6. Your Somfy One / One+ needs to be updated in order to bring you the latest products and services.

Click on Update. During the Update, you can explore the Application tutorial.


7. The Update has been downloaded and installed. During the Update, do not unplug the Somfy One/One+ and wait until the installation is finished.

  • If the Update fails, you will need to reboot your Somfy One / One+. Insert the reboot pin provided, hold it depressed for one second, then release.
    Click on Restart. The Update will resume.


8. Congratulations! Your Somfy One/One+ has been successfully installed and updated.


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